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So delicious

My brother and I are big fans of Tetris the game and gummy bears. These packets did not last in our household because they were so delicious. Each of the seven flavors had a distinguished taste and were flavorful. The gummies were soft and chewy while being so packed with flavor. Definitely something we would repurchase again. They made the packets resealable but honestly we ate all four in one sitting.

So damn gooooood!!!!

Tetris is one of my all time favorite games so when I saw these I had to have them and boy am I not disappointed at all. Orange is my favorite and the orange in this pack tastes like eating an actual orange, so good. I’m definitely ordering these again.

Excellent flavors and texture!

Loved the package and especially the Tetris taste and shapes! I’m addicted now!

Fun twist on fruity gummy candy

These are super fun unique fruity gummies. I liked about half of the flavors. Some just tasted too mango for me but that’s a mango aversion I have personally which may not affect you lol none of the flavors are actually mango I should say. Just got a weird mango vibe from some. They are soft and gummy in a good way! Love the fun tetris shapes. I am happy to say I could recommend this product!

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