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Powerbeärs: Smart fruit gums for your inner strength

Powerbeärs is your snacking expert. We are completely dedicated to your enjoyment and offer smart fruit gums - with many good ingredients and even more taste. Our concept is as individual as you are and snacking is always allowed.

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Goodbye sugar bomb, hello valuable treat

We believe: Sweets that offer nothing but sugar are a thing of the past. Healthy snacking is the future! Our fruit gums are delicious and full of power. Because we only get the best in our bags - from 100% natural ingredients to valuable boosters.

Boosters? Smart fruit gums for every lifestyle!

Let's explain it like this: evening gown, climbing shoes, jogging pants - each of us has the right equipment for our very individual leisure time fun. This should also apply to snacks. Because we are all different and like to enjoy things in different ways. Our smart fruit gums are as individual as you are and give you the best possible support. With 4 product lines we strengthen your personal power and appeal to the fitness enthusiast, beauty fan, vegan or gamer in you. The boosters are our power ingredient - they are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

High protein for fitness enthusiasts

Kickboxing, lifting weights, power pilates - no matter what your sport, your body needs valuable nutrients - especially protein. Our gummies for fitness enthusiasts have as much protein as a protein bar, making them the perfect post-power training snack.

Vegan Gummy Bears…

... taste really good with us. Our gummy bears without gelatine

Fruit gums for beauty fans

The beauty boosters, which you know as little helpers for firm and radiant skin, are available from us as a snack in between and taste really good. Delicious fruit gums with collagen, biotin, niacin, peach and prosecco instead of secret beauty elixirs.

Power for Gamers

Great news coming soon: We are launching our new line for gamers. The fruit gums are equipped with everything you need for a game night. Long fun with delicious snacks is guaranteed.

Even more nutritional peculiarities are no problem
Powerbeärs is the brand that knows what you need. Whether you eat low carb, ketogenic or simply like to eat less sugar - we offer you the right and, above all, delicious varieties.

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