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Vegan fruit gummies from Powerbeärs

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Purely plant-based fruit gums without gelatine, with lots of flavor and power - these are the Powerbeärs Vegan varieties

Vegan fruit gummies are there to nibble on our inner EmPOWERment for everyone who loves it purely plant -based. Once everything plant-based, please! No problem, because our vegan Powerbeärs varieties are all about fruit. And valuable ingredients. Whether it's fruit salad, red fruit, tropical fruit or citrus - we've turned the best of the plant world into delicious snacks, with boosters for even more power.

Good taste without any animal ingredients

Vegan gummy bears or just vegetarian fruit gums have been sorely missed for a long time. Animal gelatin dominated the ingredient lists of gummy snacks. Not so at Powerbeärs, because we even have a whole line dedicated to vegan fruit gums. Vegans , vegetarians and anyone who wants to try something different can choose between many fruity varieties. In addition to the purely plant-based ingredients, we attach great importance to natural ingredients and valuable additives - our power boosters

Fiber, vitamin B12, vitamin C and much more from the plant world

It doesn't matter whether you are vegan or vegetarian, or just fancy a change, our boosters activate your inner strength. With only natural ingredients, all of our vegan gummies are a hit. The herbal additives make them even more powerful. From dietary fiber for your metabolism to aloe vera, which is used as a medicinal plant, to vitamin B12, which vegans often lack, or vitamin C to strengthen your internal defenses - we give you what you need and pack it too particularly tasty.

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